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The moment Shen Qi saw the net with a human body clinging to it; everyone concentrated on the lifeless looking body. Suddenly, Zhi Hei stood up from his chair and his frost-like eyes melted as he recognized the corpse looking figure. Once he approached her and confirmed her identity, his urgent tone rushed everyone on the cruise to get their asses moving.


"Pffft, hahahaha, I'm scared of Lin Que hunting me down with his surgery knives and ninja stars. Here, you try." Susu cleaned the utensils for her and watched as she tried it out on her own. Susu would give her a few tips or instructions when she looked like she wasn't sure what she should do next. Finally, the dish was done.


Her eyes swept across the audience and spotted Tian Yuo somewhere in the crowd. She smiled and stared straight at him, but he turned his head sideways; pretending he didn't see her pleading eyes.


Chen Mu rushed out of his condo when he noticed the time was already 11 A.M. He had to run a few errands before meeting Lily for dinner tonight. Obviously, he would not let anything interrupt tonight's dinner since she finally had a free time to meet and talk to him about how to confess to Susu. Therefore, he had to resolve a few annoying company problems to have a smooth dinner.


When one of the senior nurses got up to check on her patients, she had to leave her account logged in on the system in case visitors and new patients arrive. Once she was gone, Kitty used the senior's account to search for Susu's medical records. There were monthly visit records, diagnoses and prescriptions that were uploaded onto the system.


"Oh! If you ever question why you deserved all this, you may want to ask your mother if you have the luck of meeting her again after this. Chances are less than 0.05%, but it's worth a shot." Karen opened her eyes and stared at Zi Yan confusedly.

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Lin Que stopped in front of the lab room, clenched onto his lab coat before reaching out to Chen Mu's shoulders. He sighed, "before we head in there, and discuss about the drug that was injected into her body, I need you to prepare yourself. Alright?"


"I really want to know how you found me." she bit her lips and spat out the first question that she could think of. Her mind was in a small mess where she couldn't really figure out how he managed to trace from just the initials of the artwork to her.


"And somehow days became weeks, months and now, years. I'm surprised that you remembered that you had a daughter here. Did you have any idea how much I've gone through because of the adults around me? Have you ever asked me for my opinion before you left after teaching me the rose design? I was a kid, but it doesn't mean that I don't feel as much as adults do. It still hurts to get abandoned by a loved one."


Another nurse joined their conversation and exposed Kitty's self-loving nature, "just the other time, I caught her staring into her phone screen and saying to herself that she is so beautiful. And then out of nowhere she commented while I was shopping on my phone that I had good taste because my taste is just like hers. She really has no sense of personal space at all."


After exiting the hospital with great difficulties, Kitty gasped for fresh air with her hand clenching her chest, "Haa.. Fooo... the drug is so toxic that I could barely move. Argh, it hurts so bad and so fucking itchy. Yin, Karen, I'm coming for you. I'll make sure you get your Karma!"


Zin Leung tried to control his anger, "Chen Mu, do not you think it is basic manners to greet your uncle and to not disturb a family dinner?"


"At the end, my mom was faced towards me as her hands were chopped off. Very soon, she also died. Their bodies were burned down with that house. And I wasn't able to do anything. I was in shock and brought to a very dark, cold place where I was chained. They forced food down my throat, and I frantically remembered searching for a way out."



Zi Yan had her own thoughts in mind as she didn't like wasting her energy in making humans disappear. She detested the fact that such vicious people exist, but she could only punish them for what they've done to either her or her family. It's been a long time since she last made a move on someone.



She poured everything out of the medicine container and checked for any differences between the pills. "Nothing..it's impossible. There must be something related to her somewhere...I've observed her for this long now. No way that I can't find it. No way.."


In fact, this contestant had mashed up a few designs together, and the judge caught plagiarism by first sight. The contestant felt pale after seeing her name getting crossed out on the scoring list. When other judges took a closer look, they followed and crossed her name out.


Zi Yan's lip curved to a smirk and parted as she whispered, "exactly what you're thinking. At least you found out for yourself at the end. Oh, right. I forgot to ask you. Where did you get that medicine? And who gave it to you?"

  • Xin Ya touched Susu's cheeks, shoulders and hands as she welcomed her. Meanwhile, Chen Ting gave Susu a light hug and said, "it's good to visit these old bones. Uncle missed playing chess with you. We need to catch up and see if your skills got better."
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